Ben and Micaiah

This marriage was crafted by a Divine Artist. There's no question that these two adore one another, this is a great love shared between best friends. Ben and Micaiah have known one another for years - it was only inevitable that this day would come. 

Micaiah has introduced Ben to fine culinary outside of microwaved quesadillas, even teaching him the art of making a cheese crisp. Ben has found a girl who will watch Star Wars and play video games with him -- 
yes indeed, he has found his princess. 

Their wedding was held in the yard of Micaiah's family's home, every detail put together perfectly. There was emotion in every facet of this occasion, from the look on Ben's face the first time he saw his bride, to the fireworks going off behind them for their first dance. Their friends and family surrounded them with much love and encouragement, and they were thrown a reception for the ages. 

We are so happy that these two have joined together, this wedding could not have been more perfect for two exceptionally wonderful people. 

Cheers to you, Ben and Micaiah. 


*This wedding came together with the outstanding work of friends and family, bridal hair and make-up by Jenny M., rentals by Apple Rentals, and wedding coordination by Melinda Powell 


Cassidy said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures and such a gorgeous bride! The wedding looked lovely.

armchair traveler said...

Tamara, you do beautiful work! You are talented and we are happy to soon be able to purchase photos of the wedding!
You commented how quiet the Beckhart family was. They are not. I realized later it was for my benefit. I have sensory problems with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Bruce and I asked them not to overwhelm me. I think they over did it. Never seen them so quiet!
Blessings. Denise

Jerra Lynne Beckhart said...

Absolutely a beautiful bride and handsome groom!!! What a lovely wedding; we all so enjoyed every bit of the pre-wedding activities as well; so good to see all the family there and to meet Micaiah's family too!!!

Best, Grandpa and Grandma Beckhart

The Traveler said...

Those pictures are WONDERFUL!!!!
Esp. seeing the black/white one where Micaiah was getting her makeup done, it brought tears to my eyes! What a special and beautiful day that was!