For Thought

I can't bow low enough, I can't bow low enough, at the vision of You, my God. .......I can't lift my hands high enough, lift my hands high enough, when I'm reaching for You my God. - Phil Wickham


Say What?!

From now until March 31st there will be the opportunity for a FREE photo shoot giveaway. One winner will be selected randomly for a FREE one hour photo shoot anywhere in the Easy Valley with a disc of 15 fully edited photos of the photographer's choice - FREE!!!

Contest Rules:

1. Leave a comment to this post with your email address, or fb name so I can get a hold of you if you're selected

2. Only one entry per person

3. It would be super nice if the family wouldn't mind me using some of the photos for blogging, advertising, etc., but I always respect a family's right to not wanting their images disclosed!

Winners will be announced April 1st, happy posting!


Pink and Blue

Little Miss Cecily and Baby Christian were the subjects for my second trip back to a new favorite shooting location. Thankfully Cecily's mama brought an extra set of hands to help with the little ones, and rascally Pigo (Thanks Dorothy!!!!). After a somewhat chaotic shoot that included poor Christian falling face first into the dirt and landing him a few nose scratches, we came home with some sweet photos of these little guys.


Last weekend we had a fun little family "staycation", which consisted of going to a new favorite little coffee shop, eating at a locally loved bbq restaurant, heading to our nearby farmer's market, and a few other fun treats. While at the farmer's market David and I took Christian to the little petting zoo they had set up, and saw a sweet little puppy sleeping by the piglets. Spontaneously I asked whether it was for sale - and if you know me, you must know I am typically not a huge dog person - and the farmer told us $40. We looked at one another and made the on-the-fly decision to take him home, given him the name "Pigo" since we found him sleeping by the piglets. A few potty messes, a couple of sleep deprived nights for David, and a pair of chewed on sandels later we are still pretty big fans of the newest addition to our little family.


Baby Cameron, Part Two

Graced by his mothers eyes and his fathers lips, this little bundle was such a treat to work with this afternoon. The sun's warming rays upon us, with a smile in our hearts and a laugh on our lips this Friday has been all around beautiful. I snuck in a few shots of the family, for the first time we encountered Cameron he was still in Shauna's belly, just waiting to come meet this crazy world. We're glad he's here, and so excited for Zane and Shauna who have embarked on this beautiful thing called parenting.


My Baby

I am grateful daily for this little guy, and am trying to cling to precious moments with my baby boy. It's hard with life going on all around to remember to cherish my time with him - I'm sure a struggle for all moms. With God's help I hope to better cherish time with Christian.. maybe just this time in my life in general. Here's my 10 month old little gift :)