Sessions: The "B" Family

This past weekend was a wonderful time catching up with and enjoying the company of our sweet friends up in the higher altitudes of Arizona. They've been living up there for awhile now, so anytime together is precious and spent with a heart of gratitude! Not only did we see our old friends, but also they're sweet new babe, she is darling - don't you agree? :-) 



Small Masters: New Year & Altering Books

We are back with a new year of Art Class! So far we've learned about Surrealism, and Altered Books, I am so excited for the coming year of learning and creating! 


Love, Indiana

Six years of long distance friendship, a few of those years almost exclusively letters... I feel as though this precious friendship has grown me and encouraged me in more ways than I can count. 
For my birthday this year, my sweet husband surprised me with a trip to Indiana to see my beloved friend with whom I've been corresponding for so long, and longing to see her and give her a huge hug for all the love she's shown. The four days we spent together were a respite, a blessing, and even more encouragement than anything I could've hoped for. The Lord has blessed me with good people; people that long for Him in this world. This beautiful family being some of them, taking up a portion of my heart.