Mr. & Mrs. Frazier

Yesterday my two best men were honored with the privilege of standing up for a long time friend's wedding. The new Mr. & Mrs. so graciously allowed me to snap some photos throughout the day, and what a precious day it was. The bride waited at the end of the aisle to be joined to her groom, with both shedding tears of joy and anticipation. The service honored the God who instituted marriage, and they reflected Him well through humbly loving all around them. It was beautiful. 

And a few captured on the good ol' iPhone... :)

Official Wedding Photography by April Maura |  Event Styling by Golden Kate


USCIS Paperwork: SENT!

There's nothing like coming home from an afternoon workout to fill an envelope and send it off, 
and bring us one more day closer to our little one. Full of prayers, love and hope.

This, package all white and freshly dropped off at post office nearby, bringing my mind seconds closer to the knowledge of who my arms will wrap around with love waiting, was one of the best Valentine's a mama's heart could want.