Love in Uniform

Gorgeous clients, a stunning location, and a perfect day - this was everything I could've hoped for in a shoot. This couple was fun and playful, but also very dedicated and determined. This bride-to-be stunned in a floral Wren & Ivory dress as we explored the thickets amid the desert landscape, climbed hills and played in the sunlight for the perfect shots. Looking forward to a May wedding with more joy and playfulness, and photographic opportunities to capture this sweet, young love. 


Small Masters: In Progress

Another day working on Miss Mona, the elusive figure. It's almost mezmorizing watching these kids effortlessly work on something I feel would take months to appropriately teach. Simply re-creating. Simply. From small lessons they just look and listen and do - and create in their own way. The simplicity of childhood, the ability of the artistic mind, and the potential for greatness in a multitude of subjects is beyond my ability to understand. Looking forward to the finished work, the fruition of what their little hands have made.


This Sweet Babe is One!

This little one has had my heart since his day one!


Small Masters: The Masterpiece, Part Two

Today we primed our canvas with gesso, talked about our special Valentine's class next week, and practiced working our grids onto a practice sheet of paper. An all around great class!