One a Day

Happy Memorial Day! And THANK you vets for your hard work and sacrifice for this country, no matter how big or small your job is, you're appreciated!
Now that May is coming to a close, and June is just around the corner, how about a 30 day photo challenge for a 30 day month? Below are the guidelines, and I'm going to go ahead and admit that I've cheated a little by pre-thinking about what some of the things I'm going to photograph are. Whoever wants to join in on the fun would be a welcome comrade, AND, if you email me your pics {tamararose@hotmail.com} I'll post them on the blog on the day they're intended to go on. So -- let's take a deep breath of this May air in while we gear up for summer, and embark on a little photo fun.
P.S. If you'd like to view the image larger, just click on it! :)


Up Up and Away

Jeremy wants to be a pilot, so, moving towards that goal he's been studying aviation. It's clear he's a right fit for the job -- knowledgeable about plane mechanics, calm and collected (in my mind, perfect traits for a pilot), and he's already taken a plane up three times with guidance! Not the usual career when I think of plans post-graduation, but certainly an exciting field that can literally take him anywhere! We've even discussed him taking me up in a plane when he gets his pilots license someday, which would definitely be working on one of my fears, so stay tuned.. in the next year or so you might see Tamara Rose Photography gone aerial!


Bow Ties and Giggles

This morning got a pre-breakfast kick off with a wonderful family shoot. Jacqueline and her beautiful family have been a part of our lives in some way or another for the past few years, whether her kids were in the jh/hs group at church when my husband was helping out, or whether they're helping out with our little Christian, it's always a joy being around them. But something I hold most dear is that Jacqueline was able to be our wonderful doula for our baby boy's birth last year.
For our morning shoot we found some fun photo spots in the small downtown area of our city. This family had a natural ease in front of the camera, quite model-esque if I do say so myself!! What a great way to start out a busy Saturday, with a relaxing, joyful, and good humored early bird shoot.


Love Notes

Tonight on my way to run some errands I opened up the mailbox and within the typical "informational mail" I received something extra special. Growing up my Gramma and I would write to each other, she would send me clippings from news articles and other special treats, and I would tell her what was new in my little world. She only lived a couple of hours away, but those letters are some of my most precious treasures. It was love she was sending, it didn't matter if she typed the letters on her old typewriter or wrote them by loving hand, it was a beautiful gift I got to open every now and again. My dear old pen pal has been gone for a few years, dancing with Jesus on streets of gold, but she instilled in me something no one else could've done so well. She instilled in me an appreciation of written love, letters from near or far, from old friends or close family, a gift that I consider priceless. Today when I opened that little piece of mail my heart overflowed, for it was from a dear sweet friend overseas who was thinking of me on a bus to one of her adventures. The handwritten note will go where other memories of love are stored, and a little reminder of the beautiful Gramma who started this joy of love notes in my heart was a gift given to me along with tonight's letter.


Beautiful Feet

Thank you to the parents of the Beautiful Feet students for allowing me to take your children's pictures today. If you would like to purchase a print of your child's class, please contact me by 2:00 pm, Friday, May 20 to place your order. Photos can be purchased as a 5 x 7 for $10 or as an 8 x 10 for $15. Photos will be printed in a lustre finish, which is somewhat of an intermediate between glossy and matte. Please send an email to tamararose@hotmail.com with your name, the title above the photograph in the blog post, how many prints and what size you would like, and a phone number where you can be reached if necessary regarding your print. The final prints will not include the company logo on them. The photographs may be slightly different in print form due to cropping. I will be distributing the photographs after the recital on 5/22/11 in the lobby, if you could please bring cash or checks payable to Tamara Parks-Hebert on the evening of the recital that would be greatly appreciated! :)
Little Stars 1
Little Stars 2 Little Stars 3 Little Stars 4 Little Stars 5 Pink and Blue 1 Pink and Blue 2 Pink and Blue 3 Level 3 Students Portrait #1 Level 3 Students Portrait #2 Level 3 Students Portrait #3 Level 3 Students Portrait #4 Level 3 Students Portrait #5 Level 3 Students Portrait #6 Level 3 Students Portrait #7 Sisters Level 4 Duo #1 Level 4 Duo #1 Part 2 Level 4 Duo #2 Part 1 Level 4 Duo #2 Part 2 Level 4 Duo #3 Level 4 Duo #3 Part 2 Level 4 Trio Class Level 4 Kalia Solo Portrait Tobin Portrait #1 Tobin Portrait #2 Tobin Portrait #3



Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing a family that contained four generations! All the way from a Noni to little girl Brooklyn, everyone of them were beautiful inside and out. It's always fun and exciting to push my photo experience a little farther, and photographing a family of eight with varied ages and relationships was a beautiful and memorable experience! As I've sat here today editing some photos from the shoot, I've found myself smiling, this family just seems to have that contagious sort of joy. Although the afternoon had some funky glitches -- like my camera battery disappearing, the Lord provided and I'm just thankful to have been a part of yet another family's life for a brief moment.


Nikki and Lee

Some new friends made through an old friend, Nikki and Lee are a darling match. They're love for each other so obvious, and so easy and fun to work with. They let me tote them all around for different shots, and went along with all of my requests! They are so good together in front of the camera, and totally put me at ease with a relaxing shoot on a lovely afternoon. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful breeze every now and again, and a not-too-hot but pleasantly warm late spring afternoon, some live jazz music being played during part of the shoot, and, not to mention, we totally came across some fun wall art at one of our spots that was perfect for our engagement shoot! What a fun and memorable day. A big congrats to the future newlyweds, looking forward to the wedding!