Small Masters Christmas Party❤

Our very special art class party this year consisted of making shaken painted ornaments. The catch? These wouldn't be for us, but rather to give to someone who needed hope this Christmas season. The kids all chose their colors, shook away, and created beautiful little masterpieces. Christmas Eve these treasures were delivered to hospice patients to shine a little hope on a very difficult time. The gifts were accepted with smiles and glimmers of hope, it was a precious time. 

Following our craft, we snacked, chatted, and the kids played. Don't you love this time of year? The gathering, celebrating, and hope-filled encounters? I do. This whole season is still so full of love, let's keep it going well through the New Year and into eternity and shine Christ's light together


One Month Home

She is brave, and wildly free at times. She wants to know she's never alone; she adores her big brother. She will flip through book pages at incredible speed, but slowly run small fingers through mommy's hair. She will laugh from somewhere deep within herself, and grab the attention of an entire room with her joy. She is courage in a small body, and hope for those that will come after. 
She is our long awaited princess, a light in a dark time. She is our sweet girl, home at last.


Super Humans

A fun fall shoot of my best's growing Super Squad,



DIY: From Trash to Treasure

Last week I saw these two sad looking little kids chairs sitting out waiting for bulk pick up. I knew new life could be breathed into them, so I snagged them, and now our landfill is two chairs lighter.
They ultimately cost six dollars and some odd cents since I already had the fabric/craft paint/painter's tape. Without further ado, my little craft project!

Two cans of Krylon spray paint, paint & primer - satin finish white
Hot glue gun
Waverly fabric (I found it originally at Walmart for something else)
Painter's tape

And for the seat backs:
Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint, Matte Chalk Finish, Antique Sky color

Here's the obligatory before pic, plus a shot of some painter's tape for the tips.

 Once your ends are taped, go ahead and take your project outside and either put it on covered ground or a spot that can take a little paint, and start spraying as per the instructions on the can. Depending on the original chair color, I would recommend at least a few coats. Also, a mask is ideal.

Back inside, cut your fabric so that it will just fold over the chair base. Once folded over, start gluing. Once you get to the corners, you'll need to fold and glue while keeping the material taut.

Isn't it such a pretty fabric? *swoon*
I would highly encourage folks to make marks where the screw holes are underneath the newly glued fabric, it will save some guess work... trust me;)

Once I finished with touching up the chair and added the seat cushions back on, I realized all white was too white. I grabbed some of this Martha Stewart craft paint (exact type referenced in the "Materials") and went to work on part of the seat backs, just the pop of color they needed. 

How fun are these???? I don't think anyone would guess they were left for trash. Perfect for my soon to be two little Abears!



Small Masters: The Inventor

So I realize I've been terrible about posting on here, maybe that will change... maybe ;) 

Anyhow, today in art class we kept it mellow and I reinforced all the many interests Leonardo Da Vinci had -- including inventing! The project was a simple but sweet one,and I was able to see their little minds at work in a different way than usual. We made inventions, or rather blueprints for inventions, using construction paper/white paint/legos. Can I confess that my favorite is the cleaning robot? And... once little G invents one, I'll be the first in line ;) The execution of the idea was a Pinterest find, while the inspiration came from the book we've been referring to, "Renaissance" by Eye Witness Books :)



Small Masters: The Renaissance

Today was the first day back to art class, AND I LOVED IT. It wasn't just the art, the wonderful kids, it was the moms and these budding new relationships. God is so good. Our verse for this year is:

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."

Colossians 3:23-24

We started off talking about the Renaissance, and... if all goes according to plan... will be the main subject for learning throughout the whole year. Of course we'll take some classes to do topical studies & celebrations, but I'm looking forward to the challenge of learning myself. I am so looking forward to teaching these kids, learning alongside with them, and seeing what their little hands create. Today we started off with the essentials: Making egg tempura!