That time of year again..

For the past few years I've been given the opportunity to take Christmas photographs for one of my favorite families. Getting to watch their little ones grow up and reflect on that through pictures has been so enjoyable, and seeing the change in my own work is also quite interesting. This family's little boy was one of my first subjects after I was given my first SLR camera, and now that they have a sweet little girl as well I have been able to practice some of my photography on her also. A huge thank you to this family for the encouragement of my work, and allowing me to photograph them once again.



A while back I had the opportunity to do a shoot for the Motofast riding gear brand. Although it was a completely new experience, and I know nothing about motorcycles or riding gear, it was fun and gave me the chance to try something new and gain more experience.


Destination: LA

21.. how did I decide to spend this birthday vacation? No other place than Los Angeles. A weekend away to get some California sun on the beach, indulge in the best chicken sandwich I've ever had (again), and spend some quality time with friends = perfection. Of course my camera tagged along with me, taking some photos for pleasure and some for school, below are a few samples of some attempts at 'artsy' in California.


Easter 2009

This past Easter I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph a lovely family Easter party. Below are family portraits, candid shots, and an image of the entire group. A huge thank you to this family for allowing me into your home to photograph such a beautiful event.
To order your own family pictures, please contact me at tamararose@hotmail.com. Please enclose in the e-mail effect preference ( vintage tint, black and white, color, etc. ) To order a custom photo memory album, please visit www.rememberwhenalbums.com.
** Please note for the Large Group photo and Funny Face photo the 11 x 14's and 12 x 12's are not available, the sizes available for this image would be 8 x 12 and 12 x 18**
Group Photo Reflected
Group Photo Black and White
Group Photo Color
Funny Faces
Group 2
Group 2 Black and White
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6
Group 6 Black and White
Group 7 Family 1
Family 2
Family 2 Black and White
Family 3
Family 3 Black and White
Family 4
Family 5
Family 6
Family 7
Family 7 Black and White
Family 8
Family 8 Black and White
Family 9
Family 9 Black and White
Family 10
Family 11
Family 12 Black and White
Family 12
Candid 1
Candid 2
Candid 3
Candid 4
Candid 5
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4
Child 5 Black and White
Child 5
Child 6