Sessions: Full Circle

It's crazy to think this beautiful gal and I were playing barbies together when we were as old as our kids are now. That as we aged we got into mischief together, went to school dances, and stood bouquet in hand to watch one another wed our dream guy. 
Now we have these God-gifts of sweet babes that have played and celebrated together, and I sit here and think somehow everything comes full circle 


Mini Fresh - A Monday Shout Out!

Hey all, I've been helping this super fun company out at our Saturday morning market in our local downtown, and having a blast doing so. It's quality, organic, simple ingredient baby food. 
AND LOOK HOW CUTE! Not only that, but Mini Fresh also serves up toddler meals, lactation bites/tea, AND power bites for adults. 
Check them out here for more info! 




Right now the sweetest little boy in the world is trying to teach the cutest little girl how to write her letters, and my mama heart is melting.

Small Masters: The Last Class

Yesterday was a bittersweet day, the last day of art class before summer break. I loved working with each any every one of these sweet kids! A couple of weeks ago we had talked about "discipline", discussing various disciplines of art. We had a Show & Tell for yesterday's last class, where the kids showed disciplines of their own favorite art forms. We saw baking, architecture, singing & dancing, and painting. It was such a special day! We were missing a few kids for our final day, but I want to acknowledge all of their hard work too - I feel so blessed to have gotten to teach these future mountain movers.


An AZ Outing

This sweet family gave me the opportunity to head over to a part of town I don't usually go to, but I should! It was a lovely park with lots of gorgeous stopping places, and old trains, too:-) I'm realizing more and more how gorgeous my hometown is; and thanks to clients, I have so many opportunities to explore!