Looking Back

Thanks to my wonderful sis-in-law Abby, I now have my slides from the beginning of the fall semester scanned and uploaded to the computer. With that being done, here's a sampling of them, and in the very near future I hope to upload some more art from this past semester. Thanks to God's grace, my family's patience, and the support of those closest to me was I able to make it through a very full fall schedule. Hope you enjoy!



Last Saturday David and I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding for friends. I've known Michelle since she was in about 5th grade, and watching her grow up into the beautiful young woman that she is, and finding the love of her life is such a blessing! The wedding was unforgettable, and Michelle was stunning. A backyard ceremony and after party under the stars, what could be better? I am a little partial to backyard weddings though :-) We are just so happy for Michelle and Dan to have found one another, and wish them a life full of adventures, laughter, happy memories and love (and babies too)!!!


Sweeter than Sweet

For the Thanksgiving holiday my little family and I traveled to the great state of Louisiana to spend some time with my husband's side of the family. There I was able to spend some much longed for time with everyone, including my two very adorable, sweet little nieces! It was so hard to say goodbye, but for now I'll have to settle for Skype, phone calls and pictures!


Christmas Spirit

Now that I have a little one of my own I'm that much more excited for the approaching Christmas - and I started off the Christmas season by photographing one of my most favorite families. Our time together is always valuable and loved, and this shoot made for a beautiful afternoon. It consisted of chasing the kiddos around the yard, looking for dinosaurs in my camera, reading a story together, looking at a glow in the dark dino puzzle, oh - and taking pictures of course! I cannot help but have a good time around this beautiful family. Thank you for allowing me to photograph - and share in - your memories!


A Salute

Yesterday my good friend, Carley, brought over her adorable little ones for a mini 'sailor-esque' photo shoot. She mentioned the coincidence of the shoot being right next to Veteran's Day, which I would like to tie in with a thanks - Thank you to all of the men and women who have given your time and lives for our country. Thank you for sacrificing time with your families so that we may have freedom, and thank you for your bravery in risking your lives for us too. Thank you as well to all of the folks that work for this country in behind the scenes ways, you are so appreciated.
May God bless you!


Kidding Around

A couple of weeks ago I had the joy of photographing a family I have had the pleasure to know nearly my entire life. While I have been around this dear family for years, it wasn't until I got behind the camera that I saw a side of them that I never knew - they are simply hysterical!! Usually I'm doing what I can to make the people in front of the camera enjoy themselves, but I could not contain my laughter at this silly, fun loving bunch! Thank you for giving me a lovely afternoon, what a gift it was to spend that time with you guys!


Fashion for Trade

A while back my friend Janessa and I decided to do something of a trade. I had seen a dress that I had wanted created, and so I asked Janessa if she could possibly take an existing dress and turn into the desired result. So, Janessa (having gone to fashion design school) obliged, with the understood payment in the form of a shoot of her wearing her grandmother's jewelry. We photographed at a beautiful pecan grove (and had a bit of an adventure getting into it), and then in the desert by her family's home. I would like to add that some of the pieces of clothing in this shoot were also 'reinvented' by Janessa, such a talented lady! Soon enough you will see my gorgeous custom dress, but for now I present you with a bit of an outdoorsy, slightly earthy fashion shoot.


Miss Robin

Last Saturday evening was the celebration of my good friend Robin's 24th birthday, and what other way to celebrate than a dinner out and a photo shoot of course! It was great getting to be a fashion photographer for a night, and not to mention a stormy night at that. The weather quickly turned on us, and I had my first ever stormy shoot. Robin was such a great sport about everything, and it was such a joy to be able to do this with one of my friends. Happy birthday beautiful!


Baby Cameron

This weekend I made a couple (soon to be three) new friends through photography. New baby Cameron is about to be welcomed into this world by two very loving and fun new parents. I cannot wait for Zane and Shauna to experience this new kind of love coming their way, what an awesome gift God has given us - the ability to love another little life! My prayers will be with this brand new family. Congrats Zane and Shauna, thank you for letting me capture your sweet memory!



This past week photography gave me a chance to reconnect with an old friend as well as meet her husband and little son Tristan. Such a cute little guy, who's currently in the process of learning to walk, what an exciting time for him! We did a one year shoot for little Tristan, so Happy birthday Tristan, may you have a blessed year and blessed life to follow!

Steven and Allison

One of my very best, dearest friends is getting married, and what an honor it was to be asked to take her engagement photos! I have known Allison since we were in strollers, and this seems to be a friendship that has worked itself out for life. More than a friend she's become like a sister, I guess that's what 20 years through thick and thin will do. I am so excited for the beautiful wedding to come, and so happy for Allison in finding someone to share the rest of her life with. Steven is a great, thoughtful guy, and most certainly blessed too to have captured a woman like Allison's heart. Congratulations Steven and Allison!



Naturally beautiful and oh-so-photogenic I just had to capture a few shots of my friend Janessa yesterday. She flew from the Far East for a visit with family and friends, and how good it's been so far enjoying time with her.

Little Rock Stars

Yesterday I was given the privilege of photographing my friend's two adorable little ones. They are as well behaved and happy as they are cute, and I couldn't have had any more fun running around the park with them. What a perfect park for a kid's photo shoot, they get to run and play and be themselves while someone just follows them around taking pictures! Exactly my kind of shoot - capturing the moment of who these kids are and what they do best, have fun! Thanks Dalee and Braxton for allowing me to run around with you!!