Sessions: L & Q

These little babes are the 5th & 6th loves of one of my best's households, and not only that -- they share a birthday!! What a special thing to share with your closest sibling! Little L is just so sweet with his baby sister, and seeing the many faces of Q added so much personality to our shoot!


Sessions: Sweet Visitors

Getting to know this family recently has been such a joy and an honor, as they are staying in town from overseas and the time to get to know them is short and precious! The two babes are just darling, and already are such little world travelers. Looking forward to more time together this month before we plan our visit to their side of the ocean!


Sessions: Senior Adventure

A few years ago I met the amazing woman behind Redemption Market, a fair trade and gorgeously handpicked shop. We exchanged information and two years ago I photographed her beautiful eldest daughter's senior session. Here we are, two years later and I had another opportunity to work with this sweet family, capturing their middle daughter, another sweet and stunning young woman. We headed out to the desert and enjoyed capturing different aspects of the suns rays, moving and chasing light, as it were. I just loved the positive atmosphere around her, the laid back way in which she was up for any capture. It was an honor to photograph this young lady, and to hear about her college goals - I'm sure she will do much for the Kingdom with her pursuits!


Sessions: The B & H Families

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to meet this precious family through an engagement, and then again through their gorgeous wedding. To get to work with them as a family was so enjoyable, as they are just so laid back and fun to be around. Looking forward to more sessions & more memories with these lovely humans!


Sessions: Baby G

 Last week I had the enjoyment of capturing a new babe of an old friend.
I had so much fun capturing his little expressions, only three weeks old and he is so full of life and personality! He is definitely a very loved little boy. Congratulations to this darling new family <3




We Are Family!

Last week we finally finalized Little Miss' adoption in the U.S.!
The judge who finalized was fantastic, and at the end called us all up for pictures (yes!!!!)
She had us all loudly proclaim together, "WE ARE FAMILY!" - the moment will forever be sealed in my mind of how special it was letting the whole world know that our baby girl is forever ours. A day or two later, my mom just happened to find shirts that said that beautiful phrase, so I had to take some snaps of the kids wearing them - how adorable are they?!?!?