My Most

Favorite little guy in the whole world.

So thankful God decided to bless someone like me with someone like him.

Here's Hoping

That last Thursday was the last first day of school in a while.
Unless I get a Master's..




A nice little resting place before the trip back to Serbia.

Mae's Ninth

One of my favorite memories of the summer will certainly have to be celebrating my niece's ninth birthday with her. What a special party with lots of love and laughter surrounding this very special little girl. She even got to have an extra special out of town guest appearance, my husband's other sister, Abby. I think it was a treat for all of us to get to spend some time with the siblings all together. Mae's mama did a wonderful job getting together this intimate birthday gathering, complete with Sprinkles cupcakes, so yummy. Oprah, eat your heart out!