Christian at Two

Happy Friday! ♥


David Meets David

Tonight was a little bit of an awakening, to what I'm not sure yet.

We decided to have a little post dinner family adventure to Barnes and Noble, so we piled in the car, stopped at an errand on the way, and found ourselves in a wonderland of information and visual stimulation. After a little bit of time at the bookstore we decided to head home to get Christian ready for bed. 

Back to the car, Christian was buckled in, I took my seat and David was just about to enter when a voice behind him asks what sort of exhaust he has on his car. Immedietly I start thinking what to do if David gets shot. (Yeah, I'm no drama queen or anything.) I couldn't see the guy's face, just that he was about David's height and of a strong build... we're doomed. I was just holding my breath waiting for a reason for this guy to be standing there conversing with my husband in a dark parking lot, but the conversation non-sensically kept going. The guy asked David where he worked and then introduced himself (the nerve!!), and coincidentally we had another David on our hands. In the 3-4 awkward conversational minutes they discussed cars, where the guy was from (Chicago), jobs, and realized they had some general commonalities (the name part helped). The guy walked away, David sat in the driver's seat, and I let my proverbial breath out. 

So then it hit me, this guy was friend starved. He needed somebody. So I got David psyched up thinking he might save this guy's life, since the only reason a guy would approach us and talk to him for no reason might be that God was sending him to us to be saved (I'm not only a drama queen, I'm an egocentric drama queen). So, I rip a page out of a notebook, make David write his name and number on it, and send him in with the conversational advice that he should invite the guy out for a drink with us sometime (ingenious!). 

Hesitantly, and most likely a little self-consciously because of all my prodding, David marched back into Barnes and Noble where the guy had disappeared to on a mission to save this man's life.
*Spoiler alert: this story is about to take an embarrassing turn, as if it hadn't already.*
So anyway, a very short while later David emerges out of B&N and I knew our earthly mission was completed.
He sat down and I said "So?! How did it go?"

David: "I wasn't going to walk up to him, he was at a table with a group of friends, that would be awkward."

*Gasp!* This guy has friends?! You mean to tell me this NICE, FRIENDLY, TALKATIVE, APPROACHABLE and TOTALLY SAFE young man has friends?! We were not meant to save his life? I bet you didn't see this coming.

What I think really happened here was we were awakened to our own superior stupidity. We talked nearly the whole rest of the way home (Ok, so only a 5-6 minute drive) about the humor in the situation. And then it confirmed how sordid our relational minds have become. Are we surrounded by an environment that despises pleasantries that much that we think someone would have to be suicidal to want to speak to us? (Please join me in laughing, the alternative is crying here). OR, are we the problem? Do we neglect others by not reaching out, not being nice/friendly/approachable/talkative that we would find it odd for someone else to be? 

I'll leave you with that to chew on. Like I said, I don't know what all this means, or what the verdict is. Something's gotta give, because I want to live a full life, and that includes other people, strangers and long time friends -- and it definitely includes being approachable and approaching others with kind and simple intent.



Few days are "perfect" days, and today, just like any other had it's ups and downs, but lately I've been inspired to look up in the midst of a potential down sort of day. The words of my dear friend's father echoed in my mind today:
"reality + expectations = disappointment." I had some idea of what a birthday should go like, and although there were a few little hiccups (from a late start, missed nap time {no, not for me} and some general life stress) I honestly have nothing to complain about, and everything came together for an ultimate good. In honor of this 24th birthday and everything truly good that's come about, in no particular order ('cept the first, you'll see why) here are 24 things I'm grateful for. 

1. God, because He deserves to be first and foremost. 

2. Real Simple magazines (see what I mean? No particular order ;-)

3. Rain --- I'm an Arizona girl, it's a novelty. 

4. Getting to say I have more than one best friend, that is a gift. 

5. Parents that have taught me patiently (I'm a slow learner, especially life lessons)

6. Art. I had no idea my life would go down this road, but I'm so thankful it did. 

7. My husband. And this one deserves a few bullet points -- 
  • his guitar playing skills, it soothes my soul
  • his God given talent for being a father
  • the fact that he still calls me "sweetheart" (and now Christian does too sometimes <3)
  • He still pursues me 
 8. Friends. Ones close, and ones that stay close even though they're hundreds/thousands of miles away. People warm my heart.

9. A baby boy that will give me endless hugs and kisses, tell me he loves me, sit with me while I read, make sure I'm ok if I seem sad.. on & on.

 10. My camera -- I get to look at a precious face, a sacred moment over and over and never forget it.

11. School. I met so many inspiring people, learned about even more inspiring people, and found a part of myself in the middle of it.

12. Being a part of two cultures; it's taught me that one way isn't always the "correct" way. I could grow up traveling, was privileged to learn a second language, and have my heart in two places at once.

13. Music.

14. Memories, they're what fuel my passions. They remind me of why I am where I am.

15. Fashion. I love that people are free to express themselves (modestly of course) -- hipsters, keep on rocking it. ;-)

16. Traveling, if I'm able to I'd love to keep on exploring this magnificent place we all call home.

17. Books. Not just any books, ones that wreck me in one way or another, if even only for a moment. A good book is one that's quotable, potentially relate-able, and said in a practical and concise way. And who doesn't love a happy ending to boot?

18. In terms of books, the Bible must be mentioned. It's my manual, if I'm feeling any array of emotions, or don't know what to do I can talk to God, refer to His Word and find the answer.

19. Science. I would've never said this a few years back, but then I married David, and he loves the stuff. And he's showing me how important it is, and even if I don't understand it (let's be honest, it's way over my head), I'm grateful for it and I love it now too.

20. I got to know my Gramma, and I was well loved by her. She handed down to me many passions.

21. My bird Marley, don't tell the dog he's not on the list.

22. Chocolate cake, and not just any chocolate cake, the one in the picture. My mama made it and it's the best.

23. This past year, my 23rd. I graduated, got connected with an amazing organization, had a beautiful adventure, made new friends, I could make a thankful list just for last year -- don't worry, this one's almost done.

24. Tomorrow. It's always new, always a second chance, always a door waiting to be opened. A truth I (really) need to believe with every day's end.



"Even when you are upset, I can't help but love you."

-David H.

I submit you'd have to be crazy or in love to say something like that after you've been chewed out for leaving your watch on the floor. I'd like to resubmit that we're both crazy and in love. In David's love I've found a best friend, a comrade, a soul mate, and a husband. Yesterday we celebrated his 26 years young. I both charred and undercooked his cake (don't ask), but he sought to help me and make me enjoy the day... wow, I've got a lot to learn from him. Somehow when I think I've sucked the love right out of him, he walks over to me and embraces me. He evidently has a Divine chalice pouring into his cup so that it would spill into mine.

Today I'm especially grateful for him.


Art Prints

 Rather soon after school got out the creative juices decided to resurface and I ended up playing around with some Adobe Illustrator tools trying to create digital broadsides. I ended up coming out of it with some prints, so I decided I would try and share them with you all! If you're interested in purchasing one of these art prints, they're all available as 8 x 10's printed on card stock, for $10 each. Just email me at tamararose@hotmail.com with any orders or questions!