Small Masters: The Masterpiece

Monday found me with a group of my favorite kids, in the beginning works of our collaborative art piece for the semester end gallery show. Working on measuring, I couldn't believe how quickly these kids caught on. We have some true Da Vinci's among us!


Small Masters: Story Snapshots


Today in art class we briefly talked about Titian, a Renaissance artist who was commissioned by Royalty and the like, and who not only did portraiture and Christian figures, but mythology as well. 
I had the kids create a story in their mind, and depict one scene of it by drawing it with a pencil on a small canvas, and then outlining the details with toothpicks. Using toothpicks is useful to help kids slow down a little, and pay some attention to detail (although age is helpful too!). This is an exercise that will hopefully help them in lessons to come :-)


Last Season

One last session for ya from last season's family portraits :-)



Winter Baby

This has been a looong awaited family shoot, that now includes my little nephew! 
Finally here, all thanks to God's grace and kindness. We are all enjoying him, it was so fun snagging him in his first Christmas photos!