Our Long Weekend

Hopefully you all had a restful and enjoyable long weekend. We took Monday as a family to go enjoy a special lunch, time at the lake, and back to town for dinner with my family. It was lovely  


Miss Kayleigh

The first time we had an opportunity to really meet this young girl at a local church body, we were totally taken with her sweet and gentle spirit. Then, we were blessed to hear her play the guitar and sing, we were blown away. This is one special girl, and to think she's using her talents to learn godly music at only 13! Happy Birthday, Kayleigh! <3


Tot Art: A Celebration

Yesterday my sweet kids and I celebrated our last Monday morning together until fall. We prayed together, the moms brought some yummy snacks to enjoy, they received their "graduation" certificates, and playtime ensued. One of the biggest things I've learned from these children has been to allow their creative minds their own formulation of ideas, and to be careful not to impress on them ideas that would alter the natural creativity within them. They are gifted little artists!  


Hats Off to You, Jon!

Our dear friend Jon just finished his Master's, what an exciting time, we are so happy for him!
Not only does he get to add that to his academic title, but he was recently blessed to add Dad to his name as well! Looking forward to what the next chapter is for our friend and his beautiful family.


Books About: C O L O R !

One of my favorite mom things to do is explore children's books. 
Children's books have the ability to unleash the imagination and unlock creativity - and these books are some of them!

1. Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color by Julia Denos // 2.  Mix It Up! by HervĂ© Tullet // 
3. The Art Coloring Book by Annette Roeder

What books do you enjoy reading with your little?



My Little

He is sunshine and moonshine and a cloud bursting with the sweetest raindrops. He is as sweet as honey and as kind-hearted as I've met. He tells me he wants to turn our garage into a home for homeless people. And he wants to bring a brother home, maybe from India too. This child, so full of love and compassion, it humbles me. It draws me to Christ, and godliness, this little soul.


Tot Art: National Birds

 Hey all! So today my sweet little class (minus three who weren't able to make it!) worked on India's national bird -- the peacock! We did this in honor of Little Miss' birthday that we celebrated yesterday. It was a pretty simple, straightforward project with only a handful of cutting per bird. The kids glued and placed, and voila! Beautiful little feathered friends.



My Little Man

Last week this precious little man and I spent the whole day enjoying his special day. 
I can't believe that at 5:48am on April 28th those small handful of years ago the Good Lord entrusted me to be his mom.
Hold his little hand through life's trials and triumphs. Wow. 
I'm so thankful, and totally humbled.


Tot Art: Illuminating a Manuscript

Today's art lesson revolved around Illuminated Manuscripts, something I was super excited about working on with them. I printed off Genesis 1, and left a wider left margin for the kids (and myself!) to draw in. First, I read them the story and had them all close their eyes and try to imagine what I was reading. Then, we talked about what they imagined, and I showed them some online images of Illuminated Manuscripts. I then told them to pick any part of the Genesis 1 story and draw it, they could color in any of the margins - I think they did a beautiful job with their varied illuminations :) 

Since last week was Little Abear's birthday, we all sang to him and celebrated with some leftover cake. What a special day!