Graduation... and then what?

If you or someone you know of is graduating this is a great May special! 15% off of a Senior Portrait Session fee. The fee (not including discount) is $75 for the first hour, plus $25 for each additional half hour exceeding the first two hours. We would meet at the location (or two... or three) of your choice and have a fun filled day of shooting.
For a list of print prices, disc prices, and availability you can contact me at tamararose@hotmail.com.


Summer is Creeping In Upon Us

This weekend I had a fun, light spirited family photo session with a good friend and her two little ones. The weather was perfect, the calm warmth of spring before the strong heat of the southwestern summer hits. The atmosphere was, as put by the wonderful mother of these two sweet children, perfect for people watching. We assumed that there were two quincenera photo shoots occurring, as well as a prom shoot, and various others. The park where we had our shoot has the perfect array of enjoyable and light-hearted attractions for families, some of which we were able to incorporate into the photographs. What a delight this day was, spending time with such a sweet and thoughtful family, with dear little ones who find such an enjoyment of the simple things in life.. a lesson I hope myself to learn, kids can often be the greatest instructors on joyful living.


Sweet Little Things

Some time ago my husband David decided that he wanted to create our baby boy's bassinet himself, from scratch. A very sweet and precious idea, but I did realize that my David had never done anything like this before, although I knew that I would love anything he made because it was made out of love.

So, a week and a half ago was the big reveal, after months of him hiding away in the garage working secretly on the bassinet. He rolled it in while I was in another room, led me to it, I looked up and *gasp* what a beautiful bassinet! It was PERFECT! Exactly the style I would've chosen had it been in an arrangement of bassinets. Vintage white, with a vintage hospital bassinet feel to it.. absolutely adorable.

We have had so much fun preparing little Christian's room, from painting and hanging up the mobile that his Auntie Allison and I made, to hanging things on the wall, and getting things set up and put away. Although not QUITE done, we are slowly but surely getting there, and I am so very excited for the finished product.