Books About: Little Abear's Favorites

Here is a collection of my little boy's favorite pop-up/interactive books, we hope you will enjoy!

Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt by Beatrice Potter 
(this was one of last year's books suggestions, but it's just so cute it made a comeback!)
+ Peter Pan A Pop-Up Adaptation of J.M. Barrie's Original Tale by Robert Sabuda
+ Knight Time by Jane Clarke and Jane Massey

Any suggestions or favorites?



Living Passions

Last week Little Abear, our dear friend Jacqueline and I went on a walk to participate in one of my most favorite activities of all time - picking mulberries. While this is one of my absolute favorite treats, what I love most is with whom I spend such sacred time with while collecting the fruit.

We've gone together a couple of times recently, the mulberries practically ripening on the tree as we pick the dark colored fruit, only giving us more to reach for. The first time, I climbed an old, tall, children's play set to collect berries higher up, quickly realizing my own limitations. The gravity of my height began to weigh on me, the pulling sensation uncomfortable despite the absolute bliss of the experience as a whole. My eyes were too fixated on what lay "far" below than what was all around. I was unable to push myself to my utmost limits of fearlessness.

Eager to visit with one another again and collect more of this seasonal goodness, the three of us aforementioned berry hunters set off last week on another collection campaign. This time I found myself on the same old play set, reaching, pulling branches to gather the blackened berries - feeling almost fearless in my efforts. Climbing, walking through irrigation, allowing all my cares to fall away for this one goal. It was bliss.

But isn't this the gospel? "Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead," Philippians 3:13 NASB. When we choose Christ, are we not wading through the waters of uncertainty, because there is One who is certain of the prize we are running towards? When we forget the world around us, we become fiercely brave for a cause larger than ourselves. Our greater desires take root and come forward, overpowering the fear of failure only to replace it with the courage of Christ within us. As believers, we have nothing to fear, for this sweet Treasure that we are climbing great heights for calls us to pursue wildly, and come "home" worn/bruised/scarred and joyful for the adventure.

If I prayed as boldly as I climbed, savored the Gospel as delicious as the fruit of my labor, and shared His love as readily as I gleamed at the faces of fruit delight, would my passion not become all of me? May we pursue Christ as our greatest passion, and may we reach for Him as children fearless because they want just one more taste (at least) of Heaven on Earth.


Joshua & Dakotah: The Wedding

Recently Mr. Abear and I had the great honor and pleasure of capturing the wedding of an all around beautiful couple. This wedding was immersed in prayer and seasoned with grace.
The weather was a gift from God - in many ways. The clouds provided perfect shade and ideal lighting, breaking open for a cooling drizzle for only a couple of minutes, and then dispersing to display the most perfect rainbow. Isn't that life? Months planning the perfect wedding, and when it seems like it's on the verge of being dismantled by nature, God steps in and gives His gift, although He was never really far all along.
That's exactly what this wedding was - steps of faith and grace all wrapped in humility before this couple's King. It was heavenly.


Tot Art: Exhibiting Artists

Today was quiet, a simple lesson on the first Bible printer and how he executed his greatest work, the printing of the Gutenberg Bible. Preceding the lesson we talked about our gallery show, and the kids went around the table and gave insights and critiques of one another's photography projects. 
Thankfully today was a quiet day because Saturday was quite the busy day for my little artists. They had their FIRST gallery show! It was held at the Gilbert Historical Museum, where we rented a professional gallery space to exhibit. All the little ones dressed up in their best outfits, the artwork hung gallery height for the guests, and a group prayer said before the official opening. Guests were greeted, given brochures, helped, and led by a docent - all ages seven and under. I am blown away at how they so gracefully showed their pieces, worked well as a team, and treated their guests with the utmost respect. I think the gallery visitors had a nice time as well, who could resist six of the cutest little artists to grace the valley with their work? ;-) All participants and attendants enjoyed a light reception after viewing the work. I look forward to many more lessons with these precious children, and continued awe at watching how they readily absorb knowledge and return from it little masterpieces.

AND, I'm so thankful for these captures of my little artists by my beautiful friend Laura!!
If that isn't the cutest little group of students... ;)


Sin Trees

It's amazing how much I've learned about the Lord through being a wife and mother.

Sunday evening, Little Abear was struggling with obedience a couple of times. The world might not see what he did as anything big,
but Mr. Abear wanted to get to the root of it all quickly - his heart. 
He proceeded with the following analogy.

He told Little Abear that earlier in the day him and I had eaten a couple of dates. He was able to eat it quickly, and spit out the pit quickly. On the other hand, it took him two days of on and off work last week cutting down a tree in our front yard - and there was still a stump and roots left over, along with branches and trunk still out front. This is the heart - if we catch sin quickly, it can be spit out and done with. If we allow it to manifest and grow, it will produce bad fruit. It will be much harder to be rid of this tree than a small pit, and there will be a mess to clean up after.

We all knelt together before the throne, and Little Abear started the prayers. He asked God to get rid of the "sin trees", and he asked the Lord to help us grow new baby Christian trees - amen! May we repent, and continually grow into the new graft of Christ in our lives.


Baby Luke ♥


This newborn shoot was an especially precious one to me.
Born to one of my bests, and long awaited, I was overjoyed to be a part of his journey from the announcement phone call that started many of us praying for a safe arrival to his mama's arms. 
The Lord answered, and January brought this beloved little soul to us all.
 Welcome, sweet Luke.



The "K" Family!

I'm so grateful I was connected to this sweet family for their session! They are so easy going, and were a joy to capture! Here's a sneak peek of the K family...



Kids are doing it all the time... graffiti-ing up sidewalks with no clue that they're in falling in line with global artists and creating something beautiful - they're just doing it legally ;) Anyhow, today I showed the kids a few Banksy pieces, and followed that with a chalk making project. Really, this was just as cool for me too.

So their homework? Take some stencils, and art-up their neighborhoods (or downtowns... or local parks... you get the idea.) I got the chalk recipe here. If anyone comes looking for some 5-year-old street artists, don't tell them it was us ;)