This Time

This time last year I was officially in labor with my sweetest blessing, baby Christian. I am so grateful the Lord decided to bless us with him, he is the most fun, energetic, loving, beautiful little boy. This morning after I woke up I was spending a few extra (or more) minutes in bed, and Christian was in his crib nearby, when David came in and we realized there had been a dirty diaper situation. SO, as loving parents do, we battled over who would change it, and ultimately left the decision to Christian -- you thought this was going to be a sentimental story, didn't you? Anyway, I asked him if he wanted 'mom' or 'daddy' to change it, and he quite clearly, in his high little voice said "mom". So, there it was - we're at the point where he can verbally throw his poor mama under the bus.. haha. Happy birthday sweetheart, I can't wait to see the time that God has in store for us -- poopy diapers, first bike rides and camping trips, skinned knees and *Lord Willing* a family of your own someday (oh dear, no rush). But for now, he's still my baby boy.. I quite sure he always will be.
*Photograph by one of our lovely midwives, Ginger


3 Kids and a Bunny

Today I did my very first "Easter bunny" shoot, and as odd as this question is, it didn't occur to me that this bunny was carrotless until just now. Now I realize Bugs Bunny is merely a cartoon, but what is it, pray tell, that bunnies eat? Anyways, this is quite besides the point. Today I had the opportunity to do an impromptu photo shoot with three kids who couldn't wait to give their little 'borrowed' bunny some love! Between baby cheeks, sisterly love, some well-practiced puppy eyes and an almost doll-like bunny, this was quite the cute photo production. :-)


Baby Sterling

I am ecstatic to share some photos of my best friend's gorgeous little girl, who is newly arrived as of last week! Miss Sterling is so sweet and good natured, and a little snuggle bug too! I got to enjoy the company of my friend Allison and her mom, and get a quick squeeze in with Sterling as well earlier today. While the shoot was lovely and the weather perfect for some outdoor shots, my most favorite part was where Sterling's momma Allison called me "Aunt Tamara", my heart just jumped for joy with that! So here is my brand new little "niece" who is a shining new addition to this world.


Graduation Part Two

In the eventful preparation time leading up to graduation, I've had two of my FIRST experiences in Senior Portrait Photography! What a pleasant experience it was with my two grads. Day two of grad sessions, I had the pleasure of meeting John, who, as it turns out, I just so happened to be in part of eighth grade with.. what a small world, eh? Well, as we reminisced about former teachers, classmates, and getting detention (you know, the usual..) we had a good time capturing some moments to commemorate his accomplishment of graduating, from the honors college at that!
A huge thank you to Robin and John for allowing me to capture some moments commemorating your huge accomplishments, congrats grads!

Graduation Part One

What an eventful weekend.. baby sleep deprivation.. enjoying my best friend's new baby.. and photography!! I was given the opportunity to enjoy some quality photo time with two (almost) ASU grads! Here is one of my very dear friends, Miss Robin, who went about the city with me looking for the *perfect* photo spot :-)


And the Winner Is...

Karly C.!!!!!! A big thanks to those who played, and congrats to Miss Karly, I look forward to our shoot!