Looking Back

Thanks to my wonderful sis-in-law Abby, I now have my slides from the beginning of the fall semester scanned and uploaded to the computer. With that being done, here's a sampling of them, and in the very near future I hope to upload some more art from this past semester. Thanks to God's grace, my family's patience, and the support of those closest to me was I able to make it through a very full fall schedule. Hope you enjoy!



Last Saturday David and I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding for friends. I've known Michelle since she was in about 5th grade, and watching her grow up into the beautiful young woman that she is, and finding the love of her life is such a blessing! The wedding was unforgettable, and Michelle was stunning. A backyard ceremony and after party under the stars, what could be better? I am a little partial to backyard weddings though :-) We are just so happy for Michelle and Dan to have found one another, and wish them a life full of adventures, laughter, happy memories and love (and babies too)!!!


Sweeter than Sweet

For the Thanksgiving holiday my little family and I traveled to the great state of Louisiana to spend some time with my husband's side of the family. There I was able to spend some much longed for time with everyone, including my two very adorable, sweet little nieces! It was so hard to say goodbye, but for now I'll have to settle for Skype, phone calls and pictures!