Some Change

Heads up!

We wanted to give our clients an update that our rates will be changing as of March 15th, 2013.
This change is available to view now on our TRP website under the current pricing. 
To make the transition easier for our clientele, we would like to offer anyone who reserves a session before March 15th our "old" rate for the rest of the year. 
*Note* The session does not have to take place before March 15th, just a simple reservation and deposit for any available date in 2013.
While this does not include our updated wedding prices, we would love to discuss a pricing discount of 30% with anyone who reserves before March 15th. Weddings can be reserved for any date through 2014.

We look forward to working with you!


Meet Dana

"I'm not into the craft, I'm into the message."
Dana's heart pumps art straight through her veins into her fingertips and onto whatever she sets her mind to create. Printmaking is her trade, although drawing/bookmaking/resin coating/paper making and so much more are tucked away into her portfolio of talents. She can play enough instruments to be a one (wo)man band, but prefers her turntable to provide entertainment for others. Home grown mid-western charm followed her all the way to the southwest, an adventure she embarked on to learn more of her trade. People, coffee, and home crafted Wisconsin cheese seem to be non-negotiables, understandably so. Little One, Molly and her record collection are her late night working companions while she produces art for meaning. Dana's work has traveled state lines, although the work in her home can (and soon will) produce a gallery showing of it's own. Conversation rolls fluidly with her, as evidenced by our closing down a restaurant on more than one occasion. She is thoughtful and uplifting, insightful and honest.

Meet Dana, my born and raised Midwestern friend. 

~ Please join me in celebrating Dana LeMoine's MFA show April 22nd through the 26th in ASU's Step Gallery in the plaza on the southwest side of Mill and University behind Chili's ~



A family I used to babysit for could really use your prayers. Please lift them all up to Jesus - thanks in advance. 

Here's a link to Jennie's site: http://livingoutourhope.blogspot.com/


Little Lion Man

Wishing everyone a sweet and memorable Valentine's ♥


The Abears


Comic Truths

Nothing exceptionally introspective to say, just a simply contemplative share of my favorite funny.


DIY: Office Space

Three years ago this office housed wedding gifts and an ironing board – this little space is slowly but surely turning into a family friendly environment. 

Some of the pieces in this room have been contributions from family and friends, while a few touches were handmade, and still some bought. The main goal for this space has been a uniquely crafted room with a reasonable budget. 

A while back our old ironing board decided to permanently collapse on us, so we re-purposed the flat surface as an art installation, while a friend suggested an additional use as a magnetic board -- art to house art. 

The bed frame was given to us by another friend, while our new ceiling fan was a gift from my parents and installed by an electrician friend for a cup of coffee - I'm thinking I got the better end of the deal? 

Instead of purchasing a traditional mattress, we invested in an air mattress and hand pump. While it will occasionally have to be re-filled with air, it’s easily transportable for camping – and a great price to boot. Bedding by IKEA + Target, LOVE pillow from my Gramma, while the flannel style pillowcase was put together from an old pair of p.j. pants.

To give the room more space, we took out the closet doors and moved our bulkiest piece of furniture in. 

The chevron pop of color in the office is duct tape – a much simpler solution than any sort of wall paper or cling. Oh yeah, it cost a whole dollar too, a big thanks to Target's dollar section.

The rug was inspired by a blog post I read on using canvas drop cloths and painting them to use as rugs, while the fireworks pattern came from still another blog (heyhomeslice). IKEA rug stoppers keep it from sliding around.

The curtains, rod, book-end, frames and drawing figure were also IKEA purchases, simple touches to add character. The frames have a couple of postcards from past adventures, with black card stock used as backing. 

 I used objects previously had in this room for additional marks of character... and... that's it! While it took some time to compile everything, I would say the waiting was worth the outcome. 

While this has turned into a comfortable work environment, it took on a life of it's own and became so much more. For under $150 we are thankful for our little office/man cave/guest room/play area + hang out space. 

What are your favorite room re-dos?