There seems to be some sort of special love between sisters, and with these two precious nieces I'm privileged to get a sneak peek into that bond every now and again.


Cortney and Riley

Tonight I made some new friends while doing an engagement shoot, and what a fun pair at that. Cortney and Riley kept me on my toes and laughing for the entire shoot, and they went along with all of my little whims. I cannot wait to shoot this wedding, especially if the engagement shoot is a taste of what's to come with these crazy kids. My sister in law so graciously joined us and lent a wonderful helping hand, and slipped the comment that these two are going to have great looking babies, and I would have to agree. What a sweet, fun and beautiful pair to get to spend some time with, and how wonderful they seem to be for one another. I'm always so happy to see two people love on each other like these two seem to do.


Micah, 5 weeks

Remember little baby Micah that we visited in the hospital back in September? Well, he grew into a sweet little five week old baby that's already developing a personality of his own. His mama brought him over for a newborn photo session, and he was so patient with all of my requests! I'm so excited to see the little boy that he turns into, and hopefully one day him and baby C will be great friends... and maybe even start a rock band... ? :)


Cinderella's Pumpkin

Yesterday my lovely sis-in-law, her two girls, David, Christian and I all loaded up into the car for a fun filled family day at the pumpkin patch. It was about a two hour drive out of town to the pumpkin festival. We played games, the kids picked their very own pumpkins, we (yes we) climbed through the large bouncy obstacle course, I tried pork rinds (yuck!), we had a bee encounter, made up some silly stories including naked noodles (don't ask) on the way home, relaxed for a few minutes and then went off to the church fall festival. Whew! Here are some photos taken during our little down time (aka my photo time) at the pumpkin festival earlier in the day. My secret to getting little Kate to hold still was to tell her my own mini rendition of the story of "Cinderella's pumpkin", and Kate helped out by letting me know facts about the mermaid princess as well, how could we forget Ariel? Silly Aunt Tam. It was a great and eventful day with family, so blessed to be able to say that I have family to do things like this with, and during my favorite season at that!


Drumroll Please...

The winners of the free photo contest are...
The Bower Family!

Congratulations, and I look forward to our shoot together!


Baby Micah

A new little addition has been made to this wonderful crazy world, last Saturday evening little Micah Rhea was born to friends Tyler and Michelle. Such a precious little guy! Congrats Tyler and Michelle on the arrival of your little boy.

Giving Back

Jumping in on the national pregame warm-up to Christmas, I'm going to be giving away a 40 minute Christmas session that will include 10 fully edited photos on a disc. BUT, here's the catch: all entries must be submitted on behalf of someone else. If you think there's someone out there who could benefit from a little photo pick-me-up, then nominate them! Here's how:
In the comment box, leave me a little love note with the name of the family/couple you'd like to photo gift, and... that's it! We'll have a drawing for the winner on October 14th, winner will be announced October 15th. A gift card will be available for pick-up same day.

Oh, and HAPPY FALL! :)