A Session that Hits Home

Before I go snuggle under some blankets I'll leave you with a goodnight post. In addition to our amazing family shoot with  Ms. Amy Radcliffe, we decided to do a session yesterday with my parents and our dear friend Magda, who is more like family than anything, and with whom we've had the pleasure of visiting with during her stay in the U.S. - here are just a few. :)


Just a Kiss

While Christian and I were running errands today we were spared from a car accident. No, I'm not saying this was some sort of near death experience, but it could've been painful and an insurance irritation to deal with after the fact. We were spared, but sadly a lady and her little boy driving near us were not. 
They got hit by someone making a U-turn, the offender in the situation jumped the median after the impact and started driving down the wrong side of the road before coming to a stop a little ways down. As far as I could tell no one was seriously injured, but the mom who was hit was understandably shaken up. Her sweet little boy Emmanuel (isn't that such a sweet name?!) was standing solemnly by his mom while we waited for their family and help to arrive. Despite Christian's kind efforts of giving the little boy his straw, he stood there quietly holding a stuffed toy that looked like it might have been thrown from a vehicle, possibly during the collision. When we left they were being checked on and their family had arrived. While I imagine this was a long day for all involved, I'm glad it wasn't worse. 

Since Christian was very young, I've tried my best to give him a kiss almost every time I put him in the car. A kiss so he knows I love him, with the added thought of "just in case something happens". Sometimes the post car seat placement kiss can be a little forced when there's a stubborn two year old testing my nerves, but I try to remember to give it nevertheless. I know this might seem so trivial, so meaningless - but I thought if I was going to spend time mentioning something, it might be this. There are habits that are destructive, habits that are useless, and habits that might hopefully create some sort of positively lasting memory. Today is a good reminder of why I have my little routine. I say this not to bring importance to myself, but to encourage you to act in a recurring way of love to those around you, to remind you that the things our children/husbands/family/friends see us do out of love, they might hold onto as something precious. 


Срецна слава: Srecna Slava

Tonight we celebrated our family's "slava", a Serbian tradition dating back hundreds of years, celebrating the saint(s) given to various families in the Orthodox tradition. There are customs that we observe in remembrance of our heritage, of where we came from - this is one of them. 


The "K" Family

A little peek into yesterday's shoot of my second family... 



Seven days seem to pass by much faster when looking at someone so new... 


Say Yes!

This afternoon was time well spend getting to photograph a family I haven't seen in quite some time (almost 3 years, where has the time gone?!). Before I had little Christian I used to watch Brody and Colby, and it was so nice getting to catch up and see how much they've grown! I just loved their little personalities, miss Colby wanted to come home with me, sit with me, help me take pictures, it just touched my heart! And when I told them that saying "yes" brings out a more natural smile, Brody would give me a model look with a big "yes" grin. 

Here are some shots from my time with the "W" family :-) 

Baby Haven

Today I had the privilege to hold a sweet new little one belonging to a dear friend, it seems like just yesterday her and I were playing "babies"... 

Meet darling new Haven Alicia

"May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. 
May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace."
~ Numbers 6:24-26 NLT


Raise my hands, paint my spirit gold...

After graduating from art school I came away with a few things I'll forever be grateful for, and the most important benefit has been friendships. Yesterday my beautiful friend Amy allowed us to use her space and her talents for our family photo shoot. She was so wonderful with Christian, so sweet to be around, and even set the mood with some Mumford & Sons wafting through the house and into the yard from her record player. David jumped in on the camera action towards the end and looking back it was more like collaborative play time with friends than anything else... my favorite.