Meet Cassidy

Her words are softly and carefully spoken. Grace and hospitality have been established within her; humility is the overture to all she does. Cassidy is committed to what God has laid before her. She is a gifted creative, setting her hands to work in coaxing a harvest from her garden, giving new life to finds from the past, crafting new recipes to try, seeking beauty in all crevices of life. She loves and serves her beloved well, they are a pair that works as one. Within her grows a new life that will be well served by a mother who longs for holiness. 

Cassidy is a self-investigating individual, a jewel that grows brighter as she seeks to learn what her Maker would teach her. This was a friendship that came out of nowhere by a Divine Matchmaker. He has graciously paired me with someone to pray for, encourage and uplift me. 

Meet Cassidy, my tender hearted, eloquent, and faithful friend. 


Small Awakenings

Today Little Abear earned a treat at the grocery store. 

We piled into the car, turned the corner, and entered our destination. I had a brewing headache, so I decided to sit on a Starbucks couch as the boys went about their errand. As I was enjoying a magazine, I noticed a small boy nearby reading a publication of his own, something light - just the fall of the Persian Empire. 

Anyhow, the boys returned and this new friend began conversing with me about his magazine, Little Abear's prize and anything else that came to mind. His mom was sitting nearby keeping a watchful eye, and after a bit she came over and joined in the conversation. As if it should explain something, she mentioned that our new friend had Autism. We told her we wished the world was more like him. 

This brings me to my first point. 

Why do we as a society put so much emphasis on personal challenges? Why does it matter to us who has been born with their own obstacles? Aren't we all disabled in one way or another? I fear that most of the world's disabilities have been self-induced. I'm sure that "disabled" folks would get along just fine if it weren't for the rest of us. 

Point #2. 

I have met quite a few folks with physical challenges, and some seem to be much happier than the rest of us.
It's as though the Good Lord gave them some sweet elixir before sending them to earth. 

We are a money grubbing self-interested society overall. I'd say we have something to learn from the meeker beings - from the souls that have only regard for a smiling face. I hate social injustice - and our new friend and all like him have been plagued by the socially inept. I have found myself full of indignant pity for the less fortunate, which can be just as detrimental to the soul. 

I long for a day when we are all on equal ground. All wrongs are made right, when unkindness is no longer an option. Oh how outrageously different Heaven will look. 

Tonight, I'll be thankful that something was re-lit in me that hasn't been stirred in far too long.  


Just Like Her

Someday I hope to be confident, just like her. 
One day I'll be compassionate, just like her. 
Maybe tomorrow I'll love fully, just like her. 
I'd like to travel across seas and oceans, just like her. 
I've learned to follow my convictions, just like her. 
 Wishing I had endless energy, just like her. 
I long to be the best mom I can be, just like her. 
Thankful to have been gifted with a little life to love and teach, just like my mama. 

Happy Mother's day to the most wonderful mama, mother-in-law and Nana we could've ever asked for.

Mother's Day DIY

While my best Mother's Day gift napped, I worked on a little DIY project. This weekend we picked up a few items perfect for a little homemade art project/wall hanging. Our first stop was Paper Source, where I purchased a sheet of Rifle Paper Co. paper - a company that has my interest these days. 

Today we stopped by our local thrift store and picked up a 16 X 20 frame to house the paper. A friend suggested painting the corners gold, which made our last stop the craft store. 

After pulling out a fair share of nails, I discovered this little note on the back - it made the original piece in the frame just a little more "real", someone at one time thought it was special and important. 

Next I did a measurement of the corners to tape them off accordingly.  I chose a smaller measurement to be more subtle with the paint job.

While I waited for the paint to dry, I decided to have some fun with a few of our army men :)

I am terrible with measuring, so for the cutting of the paper I just outlined the backboard of the frame onto the paper, and corrected the lines with the ruler as needed. 

Mr. Abear was kind enough to help with the hanging. We used an old chain from the garage and put some of the gold paint on it. 

And voila! A fun and simple DIY done on a perfectly peaceful Sunday afternoon.