Baby Cameron

This weekend I made a couple (soon to be three) new friends through photography. New baby Cameron is about to be welcomed into this world by two very loving and fun new parents. I cannot wait for Zane and Shauna to experience this new kind of love coming their way, what an awesome gift God has given us - the ability to love another little life! My prayers will be with this brand new family. Congrats Zane and Shauna, thank you for letting me capture your sweet memory!



This past week photography gave me a chance to reconnect with an old friend as well as meet her husband and little son Tristan. Such a cute little guy, who's currently in the process of learning to walk, what an exciting time for him! We did a one year shoot for little Tristan, so Happy birthday Tristan, may you have a blessed year and blessed life to follow!

Steven and Allison

One of my very best, dearest friends is getting married, and what an honor it was to be asked to take her engagement photos! I have known Allison since we were in strollers, and this seems to be a friendship that has worked itself out for life. More than a friend she's become like a sister, I guess that's what 20 years through thick and thin will do. I am so excited for the beautiful wedding to come, and so happy for Allison in finding someone to share the rest of her life with. Steven is a great, thoughtful guy, and most certainly blessed too to have captured a woman like Allison's heart. Congratulations Steven and Allison!