Sessions: Baby Q

Over the years I've fallen in love with all of my best's babies, but an extra special heart melting moment happened when this little babe was fussing during our session, and I had a few minutes to quietly console her, and she just fell asleep in my arms! It was so sweet - I'm smitten! 


Sessions: By the Sea

I had the opportunity on Mr. Abear's work trip last week to photograph beloved friends of ours, it was so fun! We took turns taking pictures of one another and the end result was a lot of laughter and memories for years to come.


Sessions: The "J" Family

It has been such a privilege to watch this family grow over the years, and capture them on such a perfect late spring day <3


Family: Little Miss' First, Second, Third and Fourth Birthday Party ❤

I'm 90% sure this is the girliest thing I've ever done, and I'm not ashamed to say I loved every minute of it. Throwing a birthday party for my long awaited little girl and celebrating all of her life up to this point was so healthy, so good. Mr. Abear and I each had moments during her party where we felt the love so strongly, these people that helped bring our princess home. 

So many loving hands helped her get to us, it's a love debt I'll never be able to repay. And to top that off, helping hands abounded on this celebration day. Cookies and sprinkled donut hole plates, rainbow veggies, snacks, and the most thoughtful gifts were all brought to show Little Miss and us unimaginable amounts of kindness and love. Not only that, but I so wanted her to have a cake that celebrated every year of her life, the three birthdays we weren't able to spend together and this most special occasion - Jenessa Boleda Coccaro blew us all away with the tastiest and most beautifully frosted cake, I can't even tell you what a blessing this was. I got to decorate this work of art with a couple of fun pieces from Petite Party Studio (my most favorite party store in the world!!!!), sprinkles, and a sparkler cake topper I had been saving for a long time for my sweet girl. 

Little Miss loved the cake, but the glow on her face was evident that she felt the whole house radiating with the swell of love for her. It was perfect.

Isn't she the sweetest?!?!?!



Travel Stories: Mississippi

Back in April Mr. Abear needed to head to the South for a couple of work trips, so the kids and I found some steals on red eye plane tickets to Fort Worth and met him, such good memories. It was a great trip full of visiting friends and family - a huge blessing since Mr. Abear was working, so it was convenient and perfect the places we went! While we started in Fort Worth, we drove to Louisiana so his Maw Maw could meet Little Miss for the first time, and then we would travel on for him to work in Baton Rouge. Due to the shape of Louisiana, we started out in one part to see extended family, then drove through Mississippi to get to another part of Louisiana to visit my in-laws and another day of work training for my love. I was bound to stop in Mississippi since we have only ever driven on through, and so Mr. Abear graciously obliged! It was short and sweet, and tasty too! After crossing over the river we were in Natchez, a sleepy little town with a historic area right by the river. We grabbed some delicious BBQ lunch at The Pig Out Inn & Restaurant, and continued on our way. If you're ever crossing through, I highly recommend this stop, it was so pretty, the countryside so green, and of course the delicious BBQ and Sweet Tea. Yum!