This evening I photographed my best's little {almost} one year old, and spent a few minutes talking by the pool while the kids played. It's the unplanned, the perfectly imperfect that can give birth to some of my most favorite photographic moments. It's there by the pool, talking about everything weighty and nothing really at all that the sweet moments of summer slipped by undisturbed and waiting to be captured. 


Homemade Tarts

Today a new friend and super talented baker came and helped pretty much made these phenomenal pop tarts filled with 
her mom's homemade strawberry preserve, and my mom's homemade fig jam - 
SO good.
Little Abear helped frost and sprinkle the finished product, and the three of us Abears had a delicious after dinner delight. Check out the recipe we followed here :^)

Bon Appetit!


Training Day

Meet Valarie: mom, wife, fit coach, business owner, and inspiration.


Big Blue

Praise the Lord for reflections of Himself in summer sun, ocean blue, big brown eyes, life full of color, and glory everywhere \\