Character Creations

The follow up from last week's Beatrix Potter class was for the kids to create their own characters from a living thing (not human, though) - a pirate dog, princess flower... 
I am so thankful for my little class.


Miss Potter

Last week I watched the movie Miss Potter (SO sweet) which totally inspired this week's lesson. 
We read one of the Peter Rabbit stories, and I told the kids that Beatrix Potter started making her art when she was a child. We all went outside, I had them chose a plant (or Pigo) to draw, and so they did. It was a perfectly gorgeous day for outdoor work. My most favorite part of this day was taking photos of them working in their little settings. 

Happy Spring!


Baby A

Today's shoot gave me an excuse to meet my sis-in-law's best friend and her husband, 
they were so gracious and a delight to work with. 
What a blessed anticipation they have, awaiting their first little love!


Garden Bridals

 Congratulations to the stunning new Mrs. Rodriguez!