A Playful Engagement

For this shoot, locations that embodied this relationship were essential. 
The fair for a fun loving, happy-go-lucky couple couldn't have been a more memorable choice. 
Congratulations to my sweet friend and her man on their coming marriage!

Shot in Phoenix | Make-Up by Yvette Aldrete | Session by Tamara Rose Photography 



I have a few new pieces up on Society6! 
If you're looking for a special gift for someone, or something to brighten a room, check out my work here :-)

Swim Season

Little Abear and I got to cheer on our girl Jessica as she relayed with her team,
we are so proud of her for all of her hard work & perseverance in this season!

Autumn Color

A lovely lane and the delightful presence of fall, the perfect backdrop for this precious family. 



I've been living in this total awareness lately that I have beautiful friends. Physically, obviously. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about this group of souls that surround my little family, this beautiful collection that lives within Jesus' love freely. These souls here are some of them.


→Fruit Arrow Skewers←

It was my honorary nephew's first birthday party last weekend, and his mama did the best job of putting his party together. One night, just before dozing off to sleep, I had the thought of turning the fruit skewers I was bringing into little arrows to go along with the theme. 
Super simple, and a fun way to serve the little ones their fruit.

Yellow/Gold cardstock
Hot glue

Cut small 3x4 rectangles out of the cardstock for the arrow "tails"

 Cut out symmetrical 2" triangles, two triangles per skewer

Fold the rectangle in half, put the dull end of the skewer into it, 
lay some glue lines down and seal the cardstock onto itself

Cut fringe into the cardstock

Tape or glue 2/3's of your triangle together, 
so once the fruit has been speared on you can easily 
cap off your skewer with the arrow's end. 
This way, your guests will be able to slide the point off
with ease to get to their treats :)

Voila! Enjoy :^)


Love, Always

This week marks five years of marriage to my dream guy. A big thank you to our friend Marina for capturing us recently-
here are just a handful of favorites :)

To see more of her beautiful work, click here