Light Leaks

Early this year The Lord opened the door to India, to another little one for our family.
Our children might come in a multitude of ways, with stories all their own; 
each one The Lord allows will be longed for, deeply.
The wait has been long, and will still be longer, but God is good - all the time.
He holds open blinds in dark rooms, so that hope will be illuminated.
Over the course of the year, notes and treasures of love were given, phone conversations, 
listening ears and openness to learning with us, gestures of great encouragement.
I am blessed, mightily. I have been illuminated by light leaks, reflections of God all around.


Nick & Joslyn, Rolla, MO

Saturday's storm clouds gave way for Sunday's blue skies - just in time for the beautiful bride to walk down to her prince ushered in by "Here Comes the Sun", a fitting melody. Friends and family gathered together amongst the scenery of the Missouri woods to celebrate the precious occasion.
Many wishes of joy and blessings for this sweet couple <3


Festival of Lights

My little Tot Art class made their very own Menorahs this past week in celebration of Hanukkah! 
I love watching little hands paint and create, always something beautiful.


Humble Pie

Tonight Little Abear's elbow met another four-year-olds-body with intentional force. Upon this news, I was in silenced disbelief. Said little boy is fine. But, the principal was the intent - and I knew this had to be dealt with. I didn't yell or strongly react in the aftermath, but as we left the event where this took place and stopped off at some errands on the way home, I'm sure Little Abear felt my silent displeasure. As we stood looking at an end cap display on one of the main aisles of a local Target, Little Abear decided that he would like to repent to The Lord right then. He got down on his knees, facing not the end cap but the empty space down the long open aisle, and he waited for people to move out of the way. This had nothing to do with shame or self-awareness on his part, he let me know we shouldn't pray to idols, he wanted people to pass so he could pray to God alone. I wish I could say this was the moment I had always been waiting for, but in the middle of my small boy prostrating himself before The Lord in a public space, I had to allow myself to be there in that moment with him. This was a moment of humility for me - while my sweet boy asked for forgiveness for doing this to one of his friends, and calling his Master the Messiah - to my complete disbelief - I had to be there humbly. This was the second time within four months one of my Abear boys laid bare the lack of humility within my heart through their own heartfelt actions. 

Something about the celebration of the birth of Christ strikes me so intrigued, from this moment over 2,000 years ago, to the present. Do we not see anything odd upon our casual glances at the manger scene so prevalent among us? A babe, his parents, angels, wise men, and shepherds. There is nothing noble about a lowly shepherd, the one who tends the sheep and works long. And there is little lowly about the role of a wise man, adviser to authority and rulers. And these awe-striking angels, there is nothing usual about them. Yet all are gathered to honor a baby. Because they all know that this Baby is a King come down. Even Pilate knew there was no fault to be found with him before the crucifixion (Luke 23:4), this Messiah that even four-year-olds acknowledge face upon a Target floor. You see, all creatures must, and will - with the breath given to them, use it to acknowledge Christ as King (Psalm 150:6). There is no differentiation when it comes to worship. Galations 3:28 says "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." God gives no preference to nobility or ragamuffins.

On Sunday I stood in a service with one who was not long ago homeless. I watched as a five-year-old poured out her heart in song. I listened as my husband sang to his Saviour. And I lifted my hands not out of obligation, but because these dirty hands are all I can give and all I can hold out to be filled. We don't have to come in our Sunday best for Jesus. We can come torn, bruised, beaten, or even the oppressor. Jesus will take all, because He died for all. So this Christmas, if you think of anything to give, give yourselves. Come to the manger, come to the cross, rejoice in the empty tomb. Come humbly, come loudly. But please, come as you are, wherever you are.




the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.
"the advent of television"
synonyms: arrival, appearance, emergence, materialization, occurrence, dawn, birth,rise, development;
the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.
noun: Advent
the coming or second coming of Christ.
noun: Advent

Are you excited? That "notable person" is Christ. Christ, the One who took the sins of the world upon Himself. Christ, the one who hung on a tree, so that the tree in our living rooms this season might remind us that there are trees we did not have to hang upon. Christ, the notable one who came as a Babe, wrapped in cloth at His birth, and wrapped again at His burial, awaiting the Resurrection. Christ, the One who came in peace, but is coming again to separate those who believe from those who don't. Christ, God incarnate who felt our suffering upon His flesh, making Himself relateable to us - the great Comforter. 

Aren't you excited that there's hope? That this sin infested world is not the end? I am. 
To celebrate, many are reading through various Advent activities this year. Would you like to know more about this baby King that even Nikolaos of Myra (Santa Claus) loved so dearly?

Here are some free resources to help you celebrate this blessed season - 

A colorful one for the littles and young at heart:

A daily family devotion: