This past weekend my friend and I traveled to the ever interesting Los Angeles. Over the course of the weekend we visited Rodeo drive, Robertson, and Beverly Hills. For Saturday's lunch we visited The Spanish Kitchen, quite affordable and a wonderfully tasty menu. As our curiosity was peaked on the idea of dining at LA's Ketchup, we spent some of Saturday evening there. A variety of five different ketchup flavors were served, complimented by three different fries. The environment was interesting, white seating with red carpets and light fixtures, and ketchup inspired artwork on the walls. The weekend was finished off by laying on the beach for a short while, a pleasantly restful way to enter into the week.


-Kim- said...

I'm Glad you FINALLY have a place to showcase your work! I am a huge fan! Is that a pic of Dave's bum? lol just wondering. When is my brother going to make you officially part of our family? Just throwing it out there!

tamararose said...

Haha, thank you so much!! Lol, yup, it's definitely his bum, hehe. You're too cute, I'm not sure when I'll have the honor to officially call myself a part of your family, but you won't hear any opposition from me! lol